Monday, January 29, 2007

Everything in God's purpose

As i came back home it was the usual
go where?
why so late?

I was with my usual answer church la..

I have always questioned myself(and God) why? Why am i born to the parents i have now? Why born me with this two *ahem* irritating parents?

I know deep down its their way of showing concern for me but i just couldn't stop grumbling. Then God spoke to me.

If you are not with them, who shall be the one to show them the way to me? Who shall be the one to show them the light and guide them to me?

God was actually using me, me as a daughter to bring my parents to the light, to him. Of course my intial reaction was like no la, not possible right where got sense. Daughter show parents? Thought should be the other way round?

Then slowly the truth began to work in me. God placed me in this family, this school, this class for a specfic reason. Its is not like express class no more space put you in NA class ar... NO i am there for a reason.

Do i know the reason? No la i am not God what how i know.

But STOP grumbling. Ask God what to do in everything and obey. And God help us to obey you even when its so hard to. Indeed you will never put us through things that we cannot handle. And God help us to be reminded daily that you gave us your shield of victory and that your right hand will sustains us (psalms 18:35).