Monday, January 8, 2007

Control the wheel of my car.

I thank God for giving me the chance to teach Chee Foon pre-encounter. Of course it was a great experience for me to learn how to go through pre-enc and for Chee Foon hopefully(?) to learn what her salvation is all about.

But of course it wasn't easy stepping out of my comfort zone to do that. I had all the doubts and fears when mummy mirabel asked me to do it.
"Will she understands what i am teaching?"
"Why i teach?"
"wah why the question i don't even know how to answer one?"

So even after i finished session 1 with her, i was still wondering does she really understand?? And as my week went, i was too caught with my things in life it soon became pushed to the back of my mind.

But on sunday, while we were singing Holy Spirit, the part where
Come Holy Spirit,
come pour out your oil anointing.

God gave me a vision. It was me in the position which i was worshipping in. And i just see the anointing that flows so freely on my head but i just couldn't resist asking this question. "so what is this anointing for?" That question was answered for. I saw the anointing dripping from my hand.

*tekgong on my head* anoint others la!! And it was so qiao that Pastor Eugene started talking that indeed it was no accident for everything you are doing or in now. God has placed us there for a reason. And do not be afraid for the Lord your God is with you.

And there God said to me "daughter, yes were called to help/bless your sister but why do you worry so much? If i am in charge, do you have to worry?" .

Indeed God have called us to bless others but will He let you do it alone? The answer is a obvious NO. He will guide us but will you let Him to guide you today?


bop.blop.bloop said...

Dear daughter Aman,

Amen to what you had shared!

When you willingly took up the challenge to do Pre-E with Chee Foon in faith, i was so proud of and excited for you.

When i read your sharing here, i was so touched that you are willing to allow God to use and guide your life. Indeed your ears have become more and more sensitive to His voice! Praise Him!!! =)

Actually yes, you do not have to bother if she understands. The greater concern is that the Holy Spirit convinces her heart. And from Chee Foon's own spoken decision to receive Jesus yday, we know He has.

I just asked Chee Foon too if she knows what you were teaching her. She said "Yes, quite". Wow you have done very well! =) We cannot expect a baby to understand everything. You have done your best, and the Holy Spirit has done the rest. =) This is PARTNERSHIP WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT.

umi said...

Wah Aman so proud of you! And see u always say dont know don know during cell sharing, actually ah u KNOW! hahaha Next time share w us mah so we can learn from you!

Thank you for sharing! Its very encouraging!