Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Date with Ah Ber!

Belinda, myself and our Life Coachees (taken in May 2006)

I had another wonderful dinner last night with another beautiful gal Belinda aka Ah Ber or Ber ah. We were counting the years i have known her, and it came to a startling figure - 3! Time just flies huh. =)

We talked so much that we forgot we wanted to take a photo together. On the left is a photo taken 2 years ago when she told us she did not know how to smile when taking pictures. Then i always remember her telling me a while after she received Christ, that she has found herself smiling more naturally (and sweetly!), and i praise God because i know she has found joy and identity in Jesus. =)

* * *

By the way, Ber has an encouragement for those of us who feel stressed in their studies:

"Our brains need ample rest; a tired mind cannot absorb information. Even if you manage to cramp information in your head, you cannot remember what you have revised and write the answer out. You won't even have the energy to do the exams."

Belinda is speaking from her own experience in her secondary school, when she allowed fear to tell her she could never finish studying or do well and thus didn't give herself proper rest.

Dear gals, always paint the picture of victory in your minds, and claim it in the name of Jesus! Then darkness will fall away. And you will find that you are fighting from victory, not for victory, because by faith the victory has already been won. =) I am claiming the pictures of victory together with each of you! -mirabel

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