Monday, June 25, 2007

Listen Up, Everybody! :)

Hi everybody. I'm having tummy ache now so i'm going to type this post very fast and this would be a short one. :)

I'm feeling so fidgety lately. ARGH can be used too. I'm ill today and i didn't make it to school. wonder what's happening in school today... Ugh, my parents so strongly against me not attending school even though i'm sick and i don't want to be sick too! :/

I'm going to talk about yesterday's sermon because i did not attend processing due to the malaysia trip. I think i'm going to die or something like that. 'If you want to grow, you have to go.' Alrights, the definition of this sentence to me is that if i want to become stronger and more experienced, i have to get out of the safety zone and take the risk. It's like don't be afarid to take up any challenge because in the end, there's something beneficial awaiting for you. I think this is very inspirational as it motivates one to get on the go. If one keeps telling herself that she's tired or not good for anything, she won't be able to make it big or even dare to take up any challenge because she thinks that she can't do anything well and is a loser. Don't look at the past or brood over any past bondages as all these will demoralise you. Look at the future, visualise it as a bright bright one. This would help you to motivate your spirit and yearn for more. If one keeps living in the past, the person would only have the past in all her life. In conclusion, this parallels to our willingness to take risks for God and how much do we yearn for him. Are we able to really trust all our inheritance unto God's hands? If you do, you're on the road of blessings. If not, push yourself! A broken and contrite heart, I will not despise. :)

Thank you Lord, in Jesus' name we pray,
AMEN! :)

Bye folks, i need to go to the toilet now. :)

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