Thursday, June 21, 2007


This is the song by Ps Eugene's son, Ben, which Ps E shared last Sunday. These were what Ben wrote about his song on his blog:

Where do we find our worth? There's always someone better, someone smarter, someone stronger, and the list goes on. In conclusion, there is no where on earth we can find our worth, in a literal sense. We all strive to be that superstar, to stand out, failing to realise the mere beauty of our existense. We are His proudest creation, made in His liking. We already are valuable from the point of the birth, already a star. So shine on (: not for the glory of one's self but for our Creator. For that is the only way we can shine, through the very Source of Light!

May every word seep deep into your heart. Receive it!

Can't wait to hear Ben sing this out. =)


"Just like the stars in the night sky
My child you shine so brightly in My eyes
How could you doubt My creation
Everytime you look down on your formation"

"Cos before I gave this earth life
I was thinking of you, your face was on My mind
That precious smile, the twinkle in your eye
Just as I planned, they look so much like Mine"


"Special boy, special girl
Why do you do this to yourself?
Don't you know, how much you make Me glad
And I'm proud to be your Dad

Precious boy, precious girl
Can you not see how much you're worth?
Just think, you must have been worth something big
Cos i would'nt come and die just for nothing"

"Do you see the beauty of the sunrise?
Can you feel the coolness of the night?
But the purpose of these I was creating
Was for you, for you in the making"

"Cos long ago, I had a dream of you
You were more beautiful than the stars and the moon
Then you were made fearfully, wonderfully
So as I've dreamed for you, would you now dream for Me?"

Chorus 2

"Special boy, special girl
Wipe those tears of your face
Cos I paid for you with the fullness of My grace
Just so you could feel again the warmth of My embrace

Precious boy, precious girl
Plaeas don't change the way you are
Can't you see? You're so beautiful to Me
Can't you see, can't you see"


"Child, I love you
I believe in you
Child, do you know how much I care?"

"Child, don't listen to them
Child, I hope you know that I'll always be here
You are special in My eyes"

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