Friday, June 15, 2007

We're In The GOD'S ARMY, Yes Sir!

Calling Out To ALL! :D

Prayer Meeting was superbly great. I mean FANTABULOUS! Laughs. The worship was truly awesome and what the singer-cum-maybe-a-pastor-i-don't-know is so true. " Worshiping = Praying " Songs of praises for Jesus and singing rather than saying is exactly praying! In fact, I prefer doing it in songs. I feel that by expressing our love for God by singing, shows and reveals our true feelings, emotions and whatever that we feel deep in our hearts. God loves our praises and worships for Him because He would so delirious with joy when we idolise and love Him as our One and Only living God. How GREAT is our God! Yeah, one thing that I should say. It is we should give our ALL AND ALL to Jesus! When it comes to singing praises or worshiping or doing whatever, WHATEVER for God, we should let go of ourselves and think only God, just not be so conscious of ourselves and express our ultimate love for Him in all the ways that we can. God already gave us ALL His love, couldn't we just give some to Him? I mean, definitely, we should give all. But, because God is so merciful and such a Mr. Nice, even a little bit of our love can touch Him because He really loves us a lot. None can compare to His great love! As for the 100k Challenge, i am sad and sorry to say that i feel nothing about it. So i pray that God will give me the passion and yearning to look forward to the challenge! This 100k challenge really challenges us. Not only in our boldness, but also tests us our faith and trust in God. If we believe in God who would give us the compassion and courage, we would do the challenge not only willingly but also do it for God! In the first place, we should not even think of ourseleves when doing this challenge but just entrust our successes unto God and He will do a miracle on us. It is just, do we believe in God? If we really love God, we should do it unconditionally like God ALWAYS does. So, no more murmuring, fear, disbelief or whatever because that are all SATAN'S WORK IN US! Sure, we do not want devil in us yeah? Therefore, pray for yourselves for this challenge! Believe, and you will be led by our WONDROUS EVER GOD!

See you in the 100K Challenge!

With lots and lots of love from God and me!

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mirabop said...

Dear Dina,

A big AMEN to what you shared!

You are a beautiful Warrior Princess of Love, Humility and Compassion!

Do not worry too much if you do not feel much about the 100k Blessings. Too many times we, especially ladies, rely too much on our feelings to trust God. But our feelings and emotions always fluctuate, thus for some people, when they do not feel God, they stop trusting God.

Instead rely on FAITH instead. And you have it. It is totally impossible for FCBC, Ps Khong, our pastors and any of us to answer the call to be a Light to the Nations, Warriors of Light and for 100k if we do not have faith.

Nonetheless i pray that the Lord excites your heart as He reveals the wonderful things He is going to do through you. And i pray He pours His compassion onto you more and more! =)